Tiny umbrellas?

After another deluge of rain last night and this morning, we are now having a sun break. I went out walking in Freeway Park, sauntering around, staring at the sun on the green lawns, looking at the tiny green leaf-shoots shining with raindrops, and envying the gardeners who were working there. They were pruning some tall rhododendrons and were about to plant a small tree.

Last summer when I walked there, I always hoped to see a hummingbird. There are so many flowers, trees, and water sources that even though it's in downtown Seattle it seemed like hummingbirds could live there. We see them occasionally year-round in our yard, and that's not nearly as lush and big as the park. Today as I stood staring at the sunny green grass, between the shadows of tree trunks, I heard that unique metallic, scraping call from way over my head somewhere. I looked and looked every time it sounded again, until I spotted the hummingbird on the end of a leafless maple twig about 30 feet up. He zipped back and forth to other perches and finally zoomed out of sight. I wonder what they do when it's pouring rain.