Mud City

It is such a beautiful day today.I finally got the final yard plans, all to scale and with plant labels, from the garden designer yesterday. Guess what, I have to move almost every plant. Including the trees I've planted, such as my Missouri dogwood that my aunt sent me eight years ago, which is now eight feet tall. And the little maple and Chinese dogwood I planted only one year ago in the Woodchipstrip. This is going to be musical chairs, bigtime, because for every destination I will have to move something out of the way first.

I saw this coming as soon as I started talking with designers and telling them I'd want to work with my existing plants as much as possible. But, Maggie has good people in mind to help with the trees (like the dogwood) that are too big for me to move alone.

At the same time I get started on the tree moving, in mid-February, I will try to get started on staking out the shed location in the back corner per the plan. A friend who's a carpenter is going to build it after ski season is over. After the trees are moved and the shed is built, we will start on stone pavers and bottom-of-slope boulders. The boulders will hold the slope behind the patio farther back than it is now so that a stone path can go along the bottom and up the slope toward the shed. There will be lots of digging to do.

I wanted to move some plants yesterday and get some unwanted volunteer plants out of the way of one of the tree destinations, as well as move a shrub away from the shed area, but it was raining so hard and for so long that I couldn't bring myself to go out. Tom and I worked outside on Saturday for a while during a break from the rain. We'd had the two tall, dark arborvitae removed from their spots at the two front corners of the house, along with a volunteer hawthorn clump on the back slope. They were all chipped and in a four-yard pile on the front lawn. We started carting it back to an edge of a bed that needs the encroaching grass to be smothered.

My goal is to accomplish something on the redesign of the yard every week, even if it's something small. So for a cold, rainy week, I did well enough: removing trees, shoveling chips, getting the plan and planning my own next steps. I need to get some rubber calf-high boots for working out there next weekend. We got three and a half inches of rain between Saturday evening and this morning.

After abandoning the outdoor-work idea yesterday, Tom and I visited Dusty Strings, the groovy acoustic music store where they make harps and dulcimers and sell beautiful guitars. My dream guitar is the Taylor 512, but I think it will remain a dream since it is the same price as my scooter was. Cheap scooter, expensive guitar. It's fun to play them in the stores, anyway.